Resources available to Immigrants

Resources available to Immigrants

Legal Aid of North Carolina has a program called the Battered Immigrant Project, which specifically helps immigrants who are dealing with domestic violence get comprehensive and culturally appropriate legal services.

The Battered Immigrant Project helps with:

  • Self Petitions
  • U Visas
  • T Visas
  • Deportation defense

The lawyers who work with The Battered Immigrant Project, can also help with legal matters such as:

  • Protective Orders
  • Housing
  • Family Law
  • Public Benefits

As an Immigrant in America, it is important to know your rights so you can protect yourself and your family, because even as an Immigrant you have legal rights.

Victims of domestic violence, regardless of their immigration status all have the following rights:

  • The right to obtain a protective order for yourself and/or your children
  • The right to legal separation or divorce without the consent of your spouse
  • The right to share marital property
  • The right to ask for custody of children and financial support

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