Programs & Services

All of the services and programs available at the Onslow Victims Center are free and confidential to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our programs and services are designed to empower our clients and educate them to have a better tomorrow. By giving our clients these elements, we are able to assist them in starting a new journey in their lives. Onslow Victims Center is also dedicated to educating our community in order to break the cycle of domestic violence and sexual assault. By spreading awareness and reducing risk factors, we hope that more victims will be able to recover and lead a fully satisfying life.


Case Management – Provides advocacy services and facilitates independence and coping skills

Hospital Advocacy &Sexual Assault Advocacy – Responds to emergency victims to provide services and emotional support

24-Hour Crisis Hotline – Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (910) 347-4000

Emergency Shelter – Provides shelter, safety, and care for those who have fled their homes

Court Advocacy – Assists in completing common court forms and provides emotional support in court

Education & Volunteer Coordinator- Provides education on domestic violence & sexual assault to the community and coordinates volunteer opportunities. 

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Support Groups- Available once a month to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. This group gives survivors an opportunity to begin healing from any past trauma and start making connections with other survivors.